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Please also note our processes fully comply with NHS safeguarding and employment check standards, (including NHS Employers Employment Check Standards) and all regulatory requirements. 

The approach we take has been built to deliver a service that meets the needs of our clients as we can include specific checks you may want with the staff we supply. Alpha24 Healthcare accepts The Health and Safety Groups ‘Skills for Health’ CSTF Mandatory + Statutory Training AND/ OR ‘All in One Day’ Mandatory Training and can confirm it meets our mandatory training needs.

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If you wish to be removed from our staffing database, please email or call us on 020 3697 7129. Typically, we will deal with your request as soon as possible and at the latest within one calendar month. 

If we require an extension to the response time in dealing with your request, we will inform you within one month of your initial request.

For full information on how we utilise and save your details, please feel free to ask for a copy of our privacy policy, this is also on our website for your reference when required.

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